Deep Tissue Massage

During a Deep Tissue Massage several modalities are used in order to treat the affected areas with efficacy at the discretion of the therapist such as Connective Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy.  The Therapist will create a personalized Treatment Plan to address your specific areas of pain and attend to the underlying causes of muscle dysfunction which include Spasms, Trigger Points, Adhesions, Hyper-tonicity, Joint Subluxations, and Lesions in the soft tissues of the body. Treatment plans can be anywhere between 1 and 20 deep tissue massages. These deep tissue treatment plans are a great way to reset the entire Nervous and Musculoskeletal Systems, leaving you feeling pain free, refreshed, energized, and happy again! You’ll begin to experience results even after the first session! ….Consistency is key, slow and steady wins the race

Deep Tissue Massage might be the right choice for you if you have:

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage



1.    Chronic pain in any area of the body

2.    Shooting pain or dull aches in any area

3.    Muscles spasms

4.    Tight muscles (hyper-tonicity) 

5.    Limited mobility/ROM (Range of Motion)

6.    Limited flexibility or reduction in flexibility

7.    Recent injury or lingering pain from past injury

8.    In post-operative recovery phase (~6 weeks, with written Dr. Ok)

9.    Poor circulation/cold hands or feet

10.  Swelling of joints/Bursitis

11.  High blood pressure

12.  Headaches/Migraines

13.  Tendonitis/Tendinosis

14.  Arthritis

15.  Bone Spurs