Massage Services & Fees


Available Massage Techniques:

Relaxation Massage

Generally Swedish Massage with a slow blend of petrissage and effleurage meant to sooth stress and put the body to sleep

Deep Tissue Massage

Modalities used such as Connective Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy for deep healing within the body

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

All modalities used above as well as a focus on tendons and passive motion aimed at repairing joint stability and function, increasing range of motion, and adhesion reduction

Sports Massage

Most effective type of massage but requires some active participation by massage client. Uses Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching and active stripping of muscles to relieve tension in very tight areas and increase range of motion and flexibility rapidly

Available Massage Add-ons:

· Deep Muscle Relief Package $10

   o Massage with deep penetrating heat lotion Prossage & application of top brand analgesic Biofreeze

· Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment $15

   o Soothing, moisturizing, deep penetrating paraffin heat with Arthritis Relief Essential Oil Blend for achy joints and dry hands

   o Also comes with Aromatherapy, Flax seed Hot pack for neck or back, and a Cooling Eye Mask, How relaxing!

· Exfoliating Sugar Foot Scrub $10

   o Using a blend of sesame oil, essential oils, and sugar your therapist will gently scrub your feet and calves smooth followed by soothing hot steamy towels

   o Recommended for dry cracked heals, treat yourself today!

· Detoxifying Essential Oil Treatment $20

   o Proposed to detoxify, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, relax muscles, relieve stress, promote emotional well-being, improve circulation, boost immunity, align the spine, and even reduce bone spurs and calcium deposits!

   o Similar to Young Living “Raindrop Therapy” valued at $90. It smells amazing!

· Cryotherapy/Thermotherapy FREE!

   o Ice application followed by Far-Infrared heat application to affected areas

   o Blood and lymph stimulating “circulation whip” to flush out inflammation and cellular waste build up

· Hot Towels FREE!

   o Helps essential oils absorb and removes oil on feet

   o Takes only a few minutes out of massage time, just ask!

· Muscle and Tendon Scraping (w/ Rachel) FREE!

   o Similar to “Grastin Technique” in sports and physical therapies

   o Recommended for injuries, tendon health, and inflammation

· Kinesiology Taping (w/ Rachel) $10

   o Relieves Pain and Inflammation, speeds up recovery time and healing

   o Recommended for 75 minute massage