Massage Packages & Fees

1.   Choose your Massage type:

Note: prices are based on 60 minute sessions

·       Concentrated Essential Oil Spinal Massage Treatment W/ Joint Traction $90

o   This is Duluth Specialty Massage’s version of “Raindrop Therapy”

§  Methodical application of 8 different Essential Oils in succession and massaged into the spine designed to treat a host of ailments naturally

      o   Massage includes deep spine work, deep foot work, all over joint traction and hot towels

·       Active Joint and Stretching Sports Massage (w/ Rachel only) $90

o   Requires active participation with muscle “stripping” techniques that most effectively lengthens and stretches condensed “hypertonic” muscle tissue and provides feedback to specific and important neural pathways

o   Must bring athletic shorts and sports bra

·       Post Event Sports Massage $70

o   Speeds recovery time with light stretching and lactic acid flushing

feesImage ·       Deep Tissue Massage $70

Recommended for 60, 90, 120 minutes or longer depending on pain severity, duration, and familiarity with massage

o   Deep Tissue Massage For Targeted Pain Relief

§  Typically done on one body area

§  Best for one acute pain and chronic tension area

o   Deep Tissue Massage For 2-3 Pain Areas

§  Less concentrated work to several areas at once

§  Recommended for 90 minutes or longer

o   Deep Tissue Massage for Full Body

§  Relief to your whole system but with less concentrated pain relief

§  Recommended for 120 minutes or longer for greater effectiveness

·       Relaxation Massage $70

Recommended for 60 or 90 minute sessions

o   Traditional Relaxation Swedish Massage

§  Very light pressure & slow; meant to put the body to sleep

§  Recommended for high stress levels

o   Relaxation Massage with Firm Pressure

§  Swedish Massage techniques mixed with therapeutic pressure to relieve muscle “knots” and tension on the surface of the body (i.e. does not reach deep muscle layers)

o   Relaxation Massage with Firm Pressure, Joint Range Of Motion (ROM) & Passive Stretching

§  Swedish Massage techniques and therapeutic pressure evenly mixed with passive joint ROM and light stretching to relieve muscle tension and joint concentrated lactic acid

o   Nerve Stimulating and Lymph Draining Swedish Relaxation Massage

§  Traditional Swedish Massage strokes with a specific order of operations to relieve congested tissue and stimulate nerves for improved function and detoxification

§  Recommended for swelling or congested lymph nodes following injury or sickness

2. Choose your Massage Add-ons:

·        Deep Muscle Relief Package $10

o   Massage with deep penetrating heat lotion Prossage & application of top brand analgesic Biofreeze

o   Compare to Massage Envy "Deep Muscle Therapy Package" $12

·        Joint Range Of Motion & Passive Stretching FREE!

o   Takes about 15 minutes

o   Recommended for 75 minute massage

o   Pairs well with Full Body Swedish or Full Body Deep Tissue

·        Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment $10

o   Soothing, moisturizing, deep penetrating heat with Arthritis Relief Essential Oil Blend for achy joints

o   Takes 10-15 minutes

o   Recommended for 75 minute massage

Deep Tissue To The Feet FREE!

o   Similar to “Reflexology”

o   Takes about 30 minutes

o   Recommended for 90 minute massage

o   Comes with hot towels

·        Muscle and Tendon Scraping (w/ Rachel) FREE!

o   Similar to “Grastin Technique” in sports and physical therapies

o   Recommended for injuries, tendon health, and inflammation

o   Recommended for a 90 minute massage or longer

·        Kinesiology Taping For Pain Relief (w/ Rachel) $10

o   Takes about 10 minutes

o   Recommended for 75 minute massage

·        Detoxifying Essential Oil Treatment $20

o   Similar to Young Living “Raindrop Therapy” valued at $90.

o   Proposed but not proven to detoxify, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, relax muscles, relieve stress, promote emotional well-being, improve circulation, boost immunity, align the spine, and even reduce bone spurs and calcium deposits!

o   Takes about 60 minutes (includes deep spine work, deep foot work, and all over joint traction)

o   Recommended for 60 or 120 minute massages (price is for the oils, massage is extra)

·        Cryotherapy (Suite 200)/Thermotherapy FREE!

o   Ice application followed by Far-Infrared heat application to affected areas

o   Blood and lymph stimulating “circulation whip” to flush out inflammation and cellular waste build up

o   Takes about 20 minutes

o   Recommended for 75 minute or longer

·        Hot Stones (w/ Aimee) S10

o   Feels amazing on skin and melts restricted fascia during the massage but takes time out of deep work

o   Recommended for 75 minute or longer

·        Hot Towels FREE!

o   Helps essential oils absorb and removes oil on feet

o   Takes only a few minutes out of massage time, just ask!

 ·        30 Minute Targeted Stretching $15

o   Two types of sessions offered:

§  Targeted Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitative (PNF) Stretching session

·        Designed to make dramatic gains in Range of Motion in a short period of time to chronically tense body areas of your choice

§  Full Body proper alignment stretching session

·        Learn how to stretch each muscle group effectively

·        Can be even further broken down to preference of standing or sitting position

Note: Must order 30 minutes above Massage session desired and subtract $15…example: order a 90 min massage for $100 but really it will be a 60 minute massage at $70 plus the 30 min stretching session valued at $15. If you have any questions about this; please ask, this is where you get another discount! J


3. Choose the length of your Massage:

Massage Minutes Prices Couples Massage Prices:
 45 minute Massage $55 not available
 60 minute Massage $70 $160
 75 minute Massage $85 $190
 90 minute Massage $100 $220
 120 minute Massage $140 $300
 180 minute Massage $210 not available
 240 minute Massage


not available

Notes: Must add $20 for Active Joint and Stretching Sports Massage or Concentrated Essential Oil Spinal Massage Treatment W/ Joint Traction massages. Couples massages are in Suite 200, the Jungle Room with a spacious 16 foot vaulted ceiling and trees all around!  Couples will not be placed into separate rooms unless requested to do so.

4. Consider a Massage Package:

·        “Around The Body in 6 Deep Tissue Massages” Package

o   Inflammation reducing and energizing

o   Breaks up congested tissue and integrates nervous system

o   Six 60-min sessions, $420

1) Back and Shoulders, 2) Neck, Pectorals, Arms, 3) Spine, Low Back, Sacrum, 4) Diaphragm, Stomach, Quads 5) Hamstrings, Gluteals 6) Lower Legs, Feet

·        Any “Deep Tissue” or “Swedish Massage” Package

o   Buy 5 Massages and get the 6th one free (Includes Couples Massages)!

o   Six 60-min sessions, $350 ($70 in savings)

o   Six 90-min sessions, $500 ($100 in savings)

·        “The Whole Nine Yards” Package (w/ Rachel)

o   Spend the day with me for intensive healing!

o   One 270 minnute session $300

o   Includes 4 hours of Deep Tissue Massage broke into 2 sessions of 120 minutes with a 30 minute break for lunch/snack (not provided) and 30 minutes of guided full-body stretching broke into two 15 minute sessions on padded floor mat

o   Massage includes the whole nine yards of add-ons based on your preferences: sage cleansing, essential oils, hot towels, hot stones, ice and heat therapy, etc…






5. Schedule your massage!

·        I look forward to aiding you in your journey of attaining healing & balance and lasting peace & joy!